Pernod Ricard

9th Carte Blanche

By Kourtney Roy

Cinq Etoiles Productions, in association with ArtPhotoProjects, is proud to present its new collaboration with Pernod Ricard and photographer Kourtney Roy.

For its 43rd artistic campaign, Pernod Ricard continues to put the people behind the Group's success center stage with the help of this year Carte Blanche artist.

Rather used to self-portraits, Kourtney has risen to the challenge, going so far as to personally select the 18 employees who joined her for a week-long photo shoot in Nevada. This series and its retro and poetic atmosphere illustrate perfectly the models' inner strength and their determination to surpass themselves in their everyday lives.

The exhibition is presented at Paris Photo, Grand Palais, from November 8th to 11th, 2018.

Art direction by Fany Dupêchez

Styled by Catherine Hayward

Hair by Correy Tuttle

Make up by Deepti Sadwhani

Art direction · Art buying · Scouting · Production