Pernod Ricard

5th Carte Blanche

By Vee Speers

Committed from its origin to contemporary art, Pernod Ricard Group gives every year carte blanche to an internationally renown photographer to shoot portraits of twenty of its employees from around the world, thus sharing a singular artistic experience with them.

In 2014, the Pernod Ricard Group commissioned Fany Dupêchez, art director and founder of Art Photo Projects, and Cinq Etoiles to provide artistic direction for its annual photographic campaign.

For our first collaboration with the group, we worked with Australian photographer Vee Speers. Using the idea of transmission as her central theme, Vee Speers created nine diptych works with 18 employees of Pernod Ricard Group, each diptych containing the portraits of two employees. In their day-to-day professional lives, what unites each pair is their shared expertise, the transmission of a savoir-faire, or a similar activity. Vee Speers reinterpreted their stories in nine gracious, subtle different poses. Although the 18 models come from different countries, different branches of the group, with different occupations, they all are one of the 18 000 Pernod Ricard’s “creators of conviviality”.

Exhibition held at School Gallery
Mission: budget, casting, production, PR, ...

Art direction by Fany Dupêchez

Art direction · Production